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I recently realized I would like to write on the Tibetan Terrier from time to time. It is a wonderful breed with an extremly interesting history and a typical range of behaviour. Often when I see Tibetan Terriers – in real life as well as on the internet – I feel they are somehow mistook for some cute and kitschy furballs. I think they are not, and I would like to share some thoughts on it from time to time. Plus, I collected some information, quotes and links from Tibetan Terriers and their owners that took their Tibetan roots seriously.

For a start, I want to share a quote on the question for which humans a Tibetan Terrier might be a suitable dog. Jane Reif is a true expert on TT-matters. Unfortunately, her books are difficult to get and/ or quite expensive. She writes:

„The Tibetan Terrier is not a breed for just anyone or everyone. It is a breed for intelligent, extremely loving people. Such people can have all sorts of flaws, but they seem to have one common denominator: An endless ability to give love and to accept love.
Tibetan Terriers have a great deal of love and devotion to give, and there must be someone on the other end to receive. […] The perfect owner has this wonderful ability plus a dash of sensitivity and the happy ability to observe and enjoy the infinite variety of both body language and subtlety of behavior found in any Tibetan Terrier worth his salt.“

from: Jane Reif, Reflections on the Tibetan Terrier, 1995.

  • Persephone & Buster

    It sounds to us as though Tibetan Terriers are fiercely loyal and require an owner who is willing to accept and return intense love.

    Maybe Habca’s the 458th Incarnation of the First Dalai Lama’s faithful companion.

    Or maybe they’re just really intelligent, discerning dogs.


    Sephie & Buster

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