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I had to attend a conference and was away from Berlin for two nights. F. told me Hab-ca kept looking for me. There is not much as touching as the surprise and joy and the wagging body of this little dog when meeting me at the station. „You have been gone so long“, she tells me, „and I missed you soooo much.“ People on the street stop staring at us, propaply believing I am back from like a world-trip. „Well, it has only been two nights“, I remind her, „you saw me thursday in the morning, and now it’s saturday“. „Two weeks, maybe“, she insists, sniffing and licking my trousers (probably exploring what I have been into lately. I close her in my arms, smiling. For an hour or so, back at my place, she keeps coming close, gently nudging my knee. „Hey, you“, she says, „I am glad you’re back“, and then she is off again to her business.

In the evening, me and F. quietly discussing the events of the conference, having a glass of wine in the kitchen, she sleeps on my feet, seemingly forgetting I have ever been away.
I guess this is love, true canine love.

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  • Persephone & Buster


    You look like a beautiful little ball of fur!

    Are you a Tibetan Terrier? We’ll bet that you have lots of energy!


    Persephone & Buster
    Kerry Blue Terriers from Connecticut, USA

  • Persephone & Buster

    hi habca and miriam… that’s my mom ms. blue.. she is just learning too. actually it was an instinct test and she passed it with flying colors…
    you would like moving the sheep…tell your people the shepherd wouldn’t let you eat his sheep.. they have their ways of telling you it’s not a good mover… so go have some fun…
    your friend,
    the buster.

  • Mosilager

    awesome post! you described it perfectly.

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