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Hello, world! I am participating at the lovely „Color Palette Blog Walk“ Round 4, which means I fought with Gimp for the last couple of hours to create a Color Palette from a photo taken by me, and other nice people around the world are doing the same today. I would love you to visit all the other photographers, too, and have a look at theirk work: 

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This round’s topic, chosen by Brandi, is „achievement“. I find it a difficult one. Finally I chose a lovely picture (well, I think it’s lovely) of anotherone’s achievement I wrtote about earlier today.

For visitors new to this blog, I’ll give you a little background: I am a pet dog trainer in Frankfurt/Germany, and I work with the most interesting people to help them train their dogs. Additionally, some dogs come and visit me without their owners. Some of them just because they are home alone while mommy is working, some because they need to learn something special or they benefice from walking in a larger group of dogs.

Mauri, whom you see on the picture, is one of them. He is a young athletic boy and rather shy. When he comes here, he is confronted with my own dog, Habca, a sincere lady, and with Nomi, a foster dog who used to be aggressive around other dogs and is not so inclined to share her privileges. They both use to give Mauri a sincere look and he does whatever they want… but over the last months, he developed his techniques to cope with the ladies. So what you see on the picture is the very first time Mauri jumped up on the sofa. I think he looks very proud of himself, and quite self-assured. Nobody protested. So for me, this picture has a inspiring sense of achievement in it.

I hope you like it, too.

Also, it is my very first color palette. So this is an achievement in itself, isn’t it? ;-) I like the shades of grey with the muted yellow and the bright red. Of course, I used Instagram with the picture.

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  • Francesca

    Congratulations on your first color palette – great job! And I loved the story behind the photo – the expression on the dog's face is wonderful!

  • Hellow from Florida, USA! You would never know that this is your first color palette. It's lovely! Love the pop of red with the brown and gold colors. And that's an achievement getting the dogs to be comfortable and accepting of each other.

  • Brandi Hussey

    I second what Francesca and Cynthia said – your first palette is beautiful! I hope you enjoyed making it as much as we enjoyed stopping by to see it!

    I'm particularly taken by the colors in your photo – they're incredible. So soft and pretty. And yes, I agree, Mauri does look like he's got a quiet look of accomplishment on his face (he's adorable)!

  • Dave

    He's a beauty; I love the Aussies. The photo is very nice, and a great mix of colors here. Great job on the first palette.

  • Lauren / Fizgiggery

    Oh, he's a dear! I have such respect for being able to train difficult dogs — I have one!

    Congratulations on creating a very handsome first palette indeed. Aroo! to the dogs :)

  • lakshmi

    such a warm palette..its as fuzzy as our canine friend on the couch :) I love dogs and to find a dog on the colour palette today- just made my day ! Thanks for sharing.. congratulations on your first palette !
    Dogs rule :)

  • Bad Jones Rising

    I love that your palette is an achievement! It's a bit trickier than people think isn't it!? I also love that you are an animal lover. yay!!

  • Libby

    Your palette is truly lovely so your Gimp wrestling really paid off. I love that photo – he looks so content and that really is an achievement. It's so great what you're doing for people and their dogs. Do you ever find sometimes you are training the owners and not the dog?

  • Rose

    What a wonderful picture for your first palette, and I love the way you created it with the overlapping circles. What a warm picture, both color-wise and mood-wise :)

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